Prospective Students

There are a variety of exciting opportunities for students in the Nuclear Astrophysics Group at TRIUMF. From summer coop positions to Masters and Doctorate degrees - every level of student has participated in our experiments. Students get the chance to become specialized in a particular experiment or facility, while also participating in a broad range of other projects alongside other students and academic and lab staff. Students will learn how to operate facilities like DRAGON and TUDA, getting the opportunity to take part in unique, world-class research activities, collecting and analyzing real data, under the supervision of TRIUMF Research Scientists. 

Graduate Students

Students wishing to study for a Masters degree or a PhD may enquire with the Group Leaders directly. Groups often have funding from the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada for this purpose, and will consider graduate students on the basis of available funding, the academic progress, and circumstances of the prospective student. To contact the Group Leaders about such opportunities directly, use the following details:

The DRAGON Facility

Contact Dr. Chris Ruiz - ruiz@triumf.ca - +1 604 222 7666

The TUDA Facility or the TACTIC and NEURAL Detectors

Contact Dr. Lothar Buchmann - lothar@triumf.ca - +1 604 222 7403

The EMMA Facility

Contact Dr. Barry Davids - davids@triumf.ca - +1 604 222 7396

Astrophysics with the University of Victoria Group

Contact Prof. Falk Herwig - fherwig@uvic.ca - +1 250 721 7743

Undergraduate Coop Students

TRIUMF hosts a number of coop student positions three times a year in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The number of positions available depends on the number of jobs posted by researchers in that particular period. For more information on coop job opportunities, and for application instructions, click on this link.