Multichannel R-matrix analysis of elastic and inelastic resonances in the 21Na + ρ compound system

Sodium 21


A multichannel R-matrix formalism was used to fit 21Na + p resonant elastic and inelastic scattering data taken at the TRIUMF UK detector array facility at TRIUMF-ISAC. Five resonances were observed corresponding to states in 22Mg above the proton threshold. Four of these corresponded to states seen in previous transfer reaction studies where firm spin-parity assignments could not be made. One new resonance, previously unobserved in any reaction, was also seen. Where possible, resonance energies, partial widths, and spin-parity values of these resonances were extracted. The correspondence between these states and possible analogs in the mirror nucleus 22Ne is discussed, as well as the relation to T = 1 states in the nucleus 22Na.

Author: Ruiz, C. et al.
Journal: Physical Review C