Investigation of Relationships Among Beam Tuning Magnets MB0, MB1, XCB2-6



A requirement of DRAGON experiments is to get a beam of particles to hit a target at the right position and at the right angle.  The beam particles react with the target, producing new particles, “recoils,” that travel in the same average direction as the impinging beam, but cover a much broader range of angles.  These recoils are detected when they hit a silicon detector some distance from the target.  It is necessary to have the beam of particles interact with the target at the right position and angle to maximize the number of recoils detected.  To ensure maximum detection, magnetic fields in the High Energy Beam Transport line (HEBT2) are used to tune the beam, that is adjusting the path of the beam to ensure proper position and angle at the DRAGON target.  An inherent problem is that there is no established method to tuning; it is a fancy way of fumbling with knobs until the operator gives the experimenter what he wants.  By investigating the relationship among 5 critical magnets we hoped an easier, reproducible method to tuning the beam may be found, thereby decreasing time lost in the experiment, and making life easier for the operators.

Author: Hutcheon, D. A. & Olivieri, A.