Direct Measurement of the 21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg Reaction: Resonance Strengths and Gamma-Gamma Analysis

Sodium 21

A series of astrophysical measurements was recently completed at TRIUMF, related to the unknown total rate of the 21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg reaction. With a high intensity 21Na beam from the ISAC facility, the DRAGON recoil mass spectrometer was used to directly measure seven resonances at center of mass energies from Ec.m.=200 to 1135 keV and determine their respective contributions to the 21(ρ,ϒ)22Mg reaction rate in novae and x-ray bursts, as well as their impact on 22Na production in novae. This study also allowed the investigation of different excited states in 22Mg; proposed decays and spin assignments are given for the 6246, 6329, 6609 keV levels.

Author: Trinczek, M. et al.