The 40Ca(α,ϒ)44Ti reaction at DRAGON

Calcium 40

Nuclear reactions play a key role in understanding nucleosynthesis in stars. Recoil mass spectrometers such as DRAGON are well suited to study reactions with respect to astrophysical production because of direct detection of reaction products. Here we present the first stage of an experiment running at the recoil mass spectrometer DRAGON at the ISAC/TRIUMF facility in Vancouver, Canada, to study the reaction 40Ca(α,ϒ)44Ti at astrophysically relevant energies. This reaction is one of the key reactions for production of 44Ti, which has been identified in younf supernova remnants by space based ϒ-ray telescopes onboard COMPTEL and INTEGRAL. In this paper, we focus on technical upgrade of DRAGON for 40Ca(α,ϒ)44Ti and preliminary results at resonances at Ex~9.2 MeV.

Author: Vockenhuber, A. et al.
Journal: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B