21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg Reaction and Oxygen-Neon Novae

Sodium 21

The 21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg recation is expected to play in important role in the nucleosynthesis of 22Na in oxygen-neon novae. The decay of 22Na leads to the emission of a characteristic 1.275 MeV gamma-ray line. This report provides the first direct measurement of the rate of this reaction using a radioactive 21Na beam, and discusses its astrophysical implications. The energy of the important state was measured to be Ec.m.= 205.7 keV with a resonance strength ωϒ= 1.03 ± 0.16stat ± 0.14sys meV.

Author: Bishop, L. et al.
Journal: Physical Review Letters