The 21Na(α,γ)22Mg Reaction from Ec.m.=200 to 1103 keV in Novae and X-Ray Bursts

Sodium 21

The long-lived radioactive nuclide 22Na (t1/2=2.6 yr) is an astronomical observable for understanding the physical processes of oxygen-neon novae. Yields of 22Na in these events are sensitive to the unknown total rate of the 21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg reation. Using high intensity 21Na beam at the TRIUMF-ISAC facility, the strengths of seven resonances in 22Mg, of potential astrophysical importance, have been directly measured at center of mass energies from Ec.m.=200 to 1103 keV. We report the results obtained for these resonances and their respective contributions to the 21Na(ρ,ϒ)22Mg rate in novae and x-ray bursts, and their impact on 22Na production in novae.

Author: D'Auria, J. M. et al.
Journal: Physical Review C