Dave Hutcheon


Dave Hutcheon obtained a B.A. in Physics and an M.A. in Nuclear Physics at the University of Saskatchewan. A Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Alberta was based on the study of nuclear structure by gamma-ray spectroscopy.  Further nuclear structure studies followed in post-doctoral work at the University of Oxford, the University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta.

Dave's research direction changed when he took up a Research Scientist position at TRIUMF in 1975.   Nuclear structure gave way to studies of reactions and pion production with 200-500 MeV proton beams, beginning with targets of Ca-40 and Pb-208 but ending with reactions invovling only 1 or 2 nucleons.  The last of these studies involved detection of  the heavy product from the reaction p(n,d)pi-0 .   The experience in detection at 0 degrees in (slightly) inverse kinematics led Dave rashly to criticize an early design for a recoil separator at ISAC.   This led to a heavy involvement in the design, construction and use of the DRAGON separator.

Dave has been a Research Scientist Emeritus since 2007 and maintains an interest and quasi-active role in DRAGON experiments on radiative capture of hydrogen or helium. A recurring feature of his research work has been proton radiative capture by: the deuteron [Nucl.Phys. A454(1984)549]; the neutron [Nucl.Phys. A458(1986)637]; the triton [Nucl.Phys. A455(1986)687]; the neutron again [Nucl.Phys. A543(1992)685]; the negative pion, both free [TRIUMF experiment E643] and quasi-free [Phys.Rev C55(1997)2492]; Sodium-21 [P.R.L. 90(2003)162501]; Aluminum-26 [P.R.L. 96(2006)252501]; Magnesium-23 [Phys.Rev. C81(j2010)045808].