First direct measurement of the 23Mg(p,γ)24Al reaction

Magnesium 23NovaePeer ReviewedScience

The lowest-energy resonance in the 23Mg(p,γ)24Al reaction, which is dominant at classical nova temperatures, has been measured directly for the first time using the DRAGON recoil spectrometer. The experiment used a radioactive 23Mg beam (mixed within a significantly stronger 23Na beam) of peak intensity 5×107 s-1, at the ISAC facility at TRIUMF. We extract values of ER=485.7-1.8+1.3keV and ωγ=38-15+21 meV from our data (all values in the center-of-mass frame unless otherwise stated). In addition, the experiment prompted a recalculation of the Q value for this reaction based on a revision of the 24Al mass. The effect on the uncertainties in the quantities of ejected 22Na and 26Al from oxygen-neon classical novae is discussed.

Author: Erikson, L. et al.
Journal: Physical Review C