Ab initio many-body calculation of the 7Be(p, γ )8B radiative capture

Peer Reviewed
We apply the ab initio no-core shell model/resonating group method (NCSM/RGM) approach to calculate
the cross section of the 7Be(p,γ )8B radiative capture. This reaction is important for understanding the
solar neutrino flux. Starting from a selected similarity-transformed chiral nucleon–nucleon interaction
that accurately describes two-nucleon data, we performed many-body calculations that simultaneously
predict both the normalization and the shape of the S-factor. We study the dependence on the number
of 7Be eigenstates included in the coupled-channel equations and on the size of the harmonic oscillator
basis used for the expansion of the eigenstates and of the localized parts of the integration kernels. Our
S-factor result at zero energy is on the lower side of, but consistent with, the latest evaluation.
Author: Petr Navratil, Robert Roth, Sofia Quaglioni
Journal: Physics Letters B