Oliver Kirsebom


Oliver works with Barry Davids on the EMMA facility, but also collaborates with DRAGON experiments. 

Here is Oliver's self-penned bio:


Born in Switzerland only a stone's throw from the European accelerator lab CERN, Oliver Kirsebom seemed destined to a carrier in physics from the very beginning. Unaware of his destiny, Oliver spent most of his childhood playing football (known as soccer in some parts of the world), and his interest in physics was not triggered until high school when he realized that physics actually had a lot in common with his favorite subject, maths. 
Oliver's physics carrier peaked early with his participation in the International Physics Olympiad 2002 as one of five representatives from Denmark (where he had moved at age 9). He fondly remembers the experimental test during which he succeeded, in an attempt to measure electrolysis in water, to short cut the power supply. Twice.
Oliver did his undergraduate in maths and physics at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, whereafter he spent a year at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, as a Fulbright scholar. There, he followed grad courses in physics and made his presence known on the nuclear theory floor by rebooting a computer that was being used for long-term calculations. He returned to Aarhus to do a phd in experimental nuclear physics. During the following four years he travelled to a number of European laboratories to take part in experiments, primarily ISOLDE at CERN, but also KVI in Groningen, The Netherlands, IGISOL in Jyvaskyla, Finland, and CMAM in Madrid, Spain. Most of his time, however, he spent in front of a computer, analyzing data from two of these experiments: One aiming to clarify the mechanism by which resonances in 12C break up into three alpha particles and another aiming to determine the neutrino spectrum from the beta decay of 8B - the latter of considerable relevance to solar neutrino physics. 
After successfully defending his phd thesis, Oliver moved to Vancouver, Canada, in late September 2011 to take up a two-year postdoc position at TRIUMF (for good measure, it should be mentioned that Oliver is still affiliated with Aarhus University, and his salary his paid by the Danish Villumm Kann Rasmussen foundation.) At TRIUMF Oliver works with Barry Davids on the EMMA spectrometer, an experimental apparatus that does not yet exist, but hopefully soon will. His research interests tend to be broad. Lately, a problem related to the abundance of primordial lithium in the Universe has occupied much of his time. 
Having lived for many years in a largely 2D country (Denmark), Oliver greatly appreciates the 3D features that Vancouver and its surroundings offers. In winter he likes to go skiing, and in summer he enjoys hiking and mountain biking, when not playing football, beach volley or some other sport in the city. He enjoys drinking both in winter and summer.  
Oliver's personal homepage: http://davids24.triumf.ca/~oliver

Watch Oliver's impressive mountain biking skills here